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Introducing the Raising Successful Children Hub

You will be able to Navigate Through the Journey of Parenting with Confidence!

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Being a parent, you want the best for your children, but most people just don’t know how to be good parents and it’s not even their fault!

Do you wish to see your children lead a fulfilling life and grow to be successful adults?

Of course you do!

Do you need support and someone to cheer you along?

Everyone needs support in delicate situations such as raising children!

Raising Successful Children Hub

Is your little internet corner for expert advice.
We have proven techniques on how to help your children grow up with a positive attitude in life and a balanced perspective that will lead to a bright future.

Special offer £1 for the 1st month!

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Being a parent in our current world is more challenging than it has ever been.

Our children face more challenges and pressure than any other generation. The digital age and highly competitive education system mean the skills and qualities they need to succeed are NOT the skills we had just a few years ago. Our children are smart, think differently, and are exposed to more choices and distractions that can affect their academics, self-esteem, and well-being.

So where does that leave us, parents?

Is it possible to raise a successful child these days without raising your blood pressure?

As a busy parent, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the demands of school, and the changes and challenges of the chaotic hyper-connected society.

You want to do your best for your child, but sometimes you feel like you cannot keep up. You may even feel guilty and wish you could do more or make things easier for them.

You want to protect them, but at the same time, you want them to be independent.

You want them to be confident but not arrogant and overcome by the feeling of entitlement.

You want them to excel in school, but you do not want to overwhelm or frustrate them.

Your desire is to raise children who are confident in life, happy at home. Excellent in school, strong in character, resilient and capable of facing challenges and inner strength to overcome obstacles in future. You want to see your child lead a fulfilling life and grow up to be a successful adult.

Raising Successful Children Hub

Practical, proven techniques to help your child so that they can excel in school and succeed in life.

The Raising Successful Children Hub was created for parents who want to give their kids the hidden advantage of the strategic home support that will help them succeed in school and prepare them to be happy fulfilled adults.

The Raising Successful Children Hub is a membership and learning platform for parents to receive expert advice and learn proven techniques on how to help their children.


When you join the Raising Successful Children Hub, here is what you will get:

Advice and guidance from experts to empower your child to do well in school.

Practical and Proven techniques based on years of research, experience and a high success rate working with hundreds of children.

Reliable tools and resources to help you avoid the mistakes that even the smartest parents make.

A community of fellow parents to support you, encourage you, keep you accountable, and holds you up when you are struggling.

A plan and process to prepare your child for life beyond school – no matter their age.

Simple but powerful habits that parents can implement at home to manage behaviour and build strong character.


Special offer £1 for the 1st month!

Your Parent Partner: Shola Alabi

Being a dedicated teacher with over 15 years of experience, as well as a happy parent of two, I am passionate about helping parents recognize and nurture their children’s unique personalities, skills and talents.

This will help them reach their full potential and make the most out of their school years.

You will gain access to my Success Triangle Model, a proven technique I use to support parents all over the world to raise successful and well balanced children.

Shola Alabi

You will start by recognising and nurturing your child’s unique personality, skills and talents and then you will get strategies and processes to help them reach their full potential and make the most out of their school years. Beyond academic success, the Raising Successful Children Hub is designed to help you help your child adopt a positive attitude and a balanced perspective as they tread towards a prosperous future with confidence.

When I was in as fix of what to do with my son academically, she pointed me in the right direction. When the time came for choosing the appropriate primary school, she was there to advise on what qualities to look for in a school, which would be well suited to my son’s personality. Thank you so much for making this aspect of parenting easy.

– Yemisi Broughton –

Shola has been a great help with bringing up my two children (9 & 5), not only educationally but also spiritually.… She is always ready to listen and encourage

– Tosin Oyelakin –

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What is Inside the Hub?

Subscribe to the Raising Successful Children Membership Hub and you will get unlimited access to expert information and reliable tools to support you on your day-to-day parenting journey!

You will respond effectively to your children’s everyday challenges, behavior and school activities in an empowering way.

Your membership will give you access to the following:

Monthly Modules

A monthly module with resource sheets, worksheets and checklists to help you work alongside your children and aid their development.

Monthly Q&A Call

Live, monthly question and answer sessions to clarify any grey areas and offer you the support you need to make informed decisions.


Master classes with parenting experts to help you stay updated on all the latest parenting techniques and tools.

Treasure Box

Parents’ treasure box – your area for unrestricted information, resources, recommendations and tools to assist you in your effort to raise confident, successful and happy children.

Additional Tips

Additional tips, book recommendations, checklists and interesting extras, delivered to your email monthly!

Private Facebook Group

Where I can support you on your day-to-day parenting journey and help you efficiently respond to your children’s everyday challenges

Help Your Children Make the Right Start In Life.

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You have a choice, keep struggling on your own trying to figure it all out by trial and error or worse still just give up and allow teachers and television to raise them (Please… no!)
Alternatively, you could join a great community of fellow parents in the hub to put strategies and processes in place that will work for you and your child.

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