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Do you see your children leading fulfilling lives and growing to be successful adults?


Raising Successful Children Members Hub helps you gain confidence, get clear information and gives specifically planned resources for your children’s learning, so that they’re transformed and succeeding in their school work and their relationships.

In the Raising Successful Children Members Hub (Members Hub), you’re equipped to give your children the hidden benefits of strategic home support that would help them succeed in school and become happy and fulfilled adults. You receive expert advice and learn proven techniques to help your children.


Why should I join the Members Hub?


Children face many challenging pressures these days even from an early age. That is why, as a loving parent, you need tools and step-by-step techniques for effective parenting, with instant benefits for your children.

You get quick and easy-to-apply tips to put in place, because keeping up with the demands of your career, your children’s school work and everyday life, doesn’t give you much spare time in the day for yourself.

The Members Hub resources show you where to start and what to do, so that you can move into immediate action in helping your children from falling behind in their school work.


Join the Members Hub to get

Advice and guidance from experts to empower your children do well in school.

Proven techniques based on years of research and practical application tips, which are working for hundreds of children today.

Reliable tools and resources to help you avoid the mistakes that even the smartest parents make.

A parent partner who supports, encourages, keeps you accountable and holds you up when you’re struggling.

A plan and process to prepare your children for life beyond school.

Simple and powerful habits for you to implement at home to manage your children’s behaviours and build strong characters.

What is inside the Members Hub?


Monthly Topics

Resources in the form of blog posts, videos, worksheets and checklists to help you work alongside your children for their development.

Monthly Q&A Sessions

Free monthly sessions in the form of webinars or telephone conference calls, to clarify challenging areas and offer you the support you need to make informed decisions.


One-off online masterclasses organised to discuss specific topics, with experts to help you stay updated on parenting techniques and tools.

Video Resources

Access to all Q&A videos where you can get tips based on other parents’ questions, which will increase your confidence in raising successful and happy children.

Additional Tips

Regular email updates with tips for dealing with parenting challenges, helping your children do better in exams and other interesting topics.

Private Facebook Group

Daily inspirational posts for encouragement, with Facebook Live videos covering various topics.

About Shola Alabi


I am a dedicated teacher, with over 15 years’ experience and a happy mother of 2 children. I am passionate about helping parents recognize and nurture their children’s unique personalities, skills and talents, which will help them reach their full potential and to make the most of their school years.

You will gain access to my Success Triangle Model, a proven technique I use to support parents all over the world in raising successful and well-balanced children. You will get strategies and processes designed to help you help your children adopt positive attitudes and balanced perspectives as they tread toward a prosperous future with confidence.

shola alabi


What other parents are saying


I was in as fix of what to do with my son academically, she pointed me in the right direction. When the time came for choosing the appropriate primary school, she was there to advise on what qualities to look for in a school, which would be well suited to my son’s personality. Thank you so much for making this aspect of parenting easy.


Yemisi Broughton

Being part of the hub has become a significant part in my parenting journey. The regular webinars have been so useful for gaining practical tips
It has particularly been so helpful to connect with other parents who are invested in their children’s whole growth – academic and otherwise.



Shola has been a great help with bringing up my two children (9 & 5), not only educationally but also spiritually.… She is always ready to listen and encourage.


Tosin Oyelakin

I have thoroughly enjoyed the online sessions put together by Shola Alabi. As a member of the RSC Hub, I have the opportunity to go back and listen to recordings, but being able to interact with subject experts is special. From my personal experience, I remember one of the sessions being instrumental in “fixing” a recurring problem with my daughter’s academic performance. Well done Shola, it’s definitely a brilliant initiative.



Join the Members Hub to help your children achieve their highest potential in life!


You have a choice. Keep struggling on your own, trying to figure it all out by trial and error, give up and allow your children to fall behind in school or get the help for them to achieve top grades in school.

Join the Members Hub today and take advantage of Shola Alabi’s professional knowledge, that will work for you and your children.


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