Online Summer Camp is what gets us excited for the summer break!


Our Summer Camp is an amazing members-only virtual camp, where parents like you are empowered with ideas of things to do, places to go and other things to keep your children active and avoid the brain drain that happens over the school summer break.


We have exciting things planned for 2019!

Here’s a list of our camp things:

  1. Weekly online sessions
  2. List of summer activities for your child
  3. Blank printable planner to help you plan ahead
  4. Mindfulness activities to reduce stress

and more!


It is well-known that children lose months of learning when they return to school after the long summer break if nothing is done to retain their active learning.

That’s where we come in!

After three years of doing the Online Summer Camp for the entire month of August, our list is beginning to grow as parents come on-board, giving us very positive feedback.

Our aim is to help you and your children get more organised and plan to have an enjoyable summer without the stress or frustration of trying to entertain bored inactive kids!

Within the #SurvivetheSummer Online Summer Camp membership, we offer an activity planner that helps you create a memorable summer for your child by:

  • Promoting family time
  • Learning new skills
  • Decreasing screen time
  • Creating fun projects
  • Boosting relationships

Something for the Preschoolers…

This year’s survive the summer has a special programme for preschoolers helping parents build the foundation core skills through play and working together.

This will include a different theme introduced each week throughout our #survivethesummer month (August).
Each week, a new PDF will be released with a selection of activities which you can do with your preschooler.
These activities will encourage working, playing and learning together with your child/children, helping you build the core skills with your child.
Weekly themes to be shared each week in August 
Week 1 – Nature week 
Getting your child outside
Gentle week to warm you and your child up 
Creates an opportunity to look around, explore your immediate environment and observe your surroundings
Week 2 – Imagine week 
Meeting your child where they are 
Create opportunities for your child to be creative and explore colour sorting, hunting for things and engaging with what your child is doing
Week 3 – Nutrition week 
Letting your child participate in your world 
Go shopping together, plan create and cook meals together, Play and talk about different types, taste and texture of foods
Week 4 – Mystery week 
Guessing and playing games
Problem and puzzles solving 
Treasure hunting and guessing sounds of things 



We promise that all suggested activities don’t take too long to carry out and they’ll give you the opportunity to create a flexible balance between other activities you might’ve planned with your child for the summer break as well.


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